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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Chat with Kate Klise, part 4

This interview was conducted by Emily Brown, Children's Librarian at the Mt. Pleasant Library in Providence, for the 2010 summer reading booklet.
Question (Emily Brown): What was the worst thing you ever got in trouble for at school?

Answer (Kate Klise):
Well ... I led a rebellion in fourth grade when Sister Jan, the principal, decreed that chocolate milk would no longer be sold in the cafeteria. It was not an appropriate beverage, she said. I was outraged! So I started bringing chocolate powder from home in an envelope and adding it to my daily carton of milk. Naturally I was careful to drink it in such a way that produced a deep and lasting chocolate mustache, which of course led all the other fourth graders to bring chocolate powder from home to pour in their milk cartons and drink in such a way to produce chocolate mustaches, which of course made Sister Jan furious. But I could've died from happiness. I felt like Patrick Henry. Give me chocolate milk, or give me death!

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