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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make a Splash! with Kate Klise, Part 2

How can you make a splash this summer? It's easy, says Kate Klise, author of Regarding the Fountain. Kate was in Providence recently to kick off our summer reading program. While here, she shared with us some cool ideas for splash making. Here's idea #2:

2. Become an Expert.

Pick someone you like and read everything he or she wrote. Did you like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Then become an expert on the author, Roald Dahl. Read Matilda. James and the Giant Peach. The BFG. Read about Dahl's life in England. Or did you love Everything on a Waffle better? Then become an expert on the author, Polly Horvath. Or become an expert on the Beatles. Read and listen to everything you can find by and about them. Or how about that leaky oil well in the Gulf of Mexico? What if you spent this summer becoming an expert on that? Figure out a way to prevent oil spills in the future - or a way to move people around without using oil and gas. The answers are almost certainly buried somewhere in your library. Figure it out. If you do, you might win a Nobel Prize? How's that for making a splash?

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