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Friday, July 2, 2010

Make a Splash! with Kate Klise, Part 5

How can you make a splash this summer? It's easy, says Kate Klise, author of Regarding the Fountain. Kate was in Providence recently to kick off our summer reading program. While here, she shared with us some cool ideas for splash making. Here's idea #5:

5. Start and Finish All Your Holiday Shopping.
Huh? It's only June. Why should you be thinking about holiday shopping now? Well, because next Sunday is Father's Day. And then it's the Fourth of July. And then a few weeks later the Christmas season kicks off. But I have a shopping tip for you. Go to the library and check out some books of poetry. Memorize a poem for your dad for Father's Day. Memorize a poem for your grandfather, too. Memorize ten poems this summer that you can five to your parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and cousins next December. They can be funny poems or serious ones. Try Billy Collins or Jack Prelutsky. Copy the poems you think your friends and family might like in your own neat handwriting on fancy paper. You can deliver the poems on paper, but then be ready to recite them, too. Because that's the gift - the fact that you've memorized a poem in someone's honor. Do you think if you memorized ten poems this summer, you would make a splash with your parents? Yes, you would?

So those are just five ideas. If you have time and a library card, you'll find LOTS of ways to make a splash this summer. Have fun!  

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